As a freelancer, we are literally always chasing the money…

But is that the worst part, or possibly part of the fun too?

Life is always what you make of it and your attitude towards situations can really change how they pan out.

Chasing invoices as a self-employed freelancer is LONG and annoying. It isn’t the creative or hands-on part of the job that we all go in for. But it is a big part of what we have to do; unless you have someone else who chases your invoices for you. But then you are probably chasing that person anyway!

But I started to look at it like a chase in a good way. In the same way I chase my goals… I chase that money!

It’s VERY annoying as a dyslexic person, keeping my accounts/books in order and up to date but then again when I do it, it’s SO rewarding to see and it puts my mind at ease to know how I am doing financially.

The point is as a freelancer you do more than just the job you sell yourself for. But the way to deal with it all is through mindset; like everything is! You can become the victim of chasing emails and be annoyed at payments OR just be badass and keep on top of it and know your worth.


Make sure you have a clause on your invoices stating that after the payment period (for example 30 days after work is handed over) you will charge X amount interest per day until paid.

People don’t want to be charged and you are within your rites to do it.


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Images by Kaye Ford