I went surfing with Volcom and Dryrobe at Saunton Sands Hotel in Devon – it ruled!

I’ve always wanted to learn to surf, I tried once about 7 years ago and it was okay but I only had about an hour to try.

I was really stoked when I was invited to Devon to have 2 days of lessons.

We were taught by the lovely ‘Walking On Waves’ surf school in Saunton beach, who took us out to the beach to teach us the basics on the sand before we hit the water.

It isn’t easy; everything from carrying your board against the wind to getting your balance right. but it’s SO much fun, a massive work out and such a sense of achievement.

We had a pre surf Yoga lesson overlooking the beach which really got us ready and relaxed for Surfing. My friend Jessica Sky came on the trip with me, she’s the babe in the pictures below!

The views from our hotel were insane – as you can see below. Saunton beach is huge and we were looking right out over it. We had a massive flat each with our own rooms and beautiful decor. The living room/ Kitchen was really spacious allowing us all to hang out with 2 balcony’s over looking the sea front.

We had these awesome things called ‘Dryrobe‘s’ which kept us warm while changing into and out of our wetsuits at the beach. They come with a waterproof layer with inner towelling or just a towelling layer – you can wear both together for super cosiness! They were honestly such a saviour for UK surfing, I was impressed with how warm the water was but it was still necessary to keep dry after.

I’m wearing all Volcom below apart from my Monki swimsuit.

My top and trousers are from the Georgia May Jagger x Volcom collection.

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Pictures by Carl Wilson 


Here’s a quick still of me actually surfing … video coming soon!