So today’s blog is about how I’m now spider-woman and I’m gunna get my own super hero suit!

Okay maybe that’s not quite right, but I THINK I am, now I now how to climb!

I recently went boulder climbing with the amazing Shauna Coxsey, aka the IFSC Boulder World Cup Champion, and MBE.  She is a Red Bull ambassador and so Red Bull took  bunch of us ‘blogger’ ‘influencer’ types on a trip to try out boulder climbing, lead by the best!

We headed to Plymouth to try out the brand new ‘The Climbing Hangar’ venue. It was so new, we were amongst the first people to climb the walls.

Shauna is really cool and her coach Leah Crane is just as awesome too. Together they led us around the routes and showed us the techniques we needed to get started and how to advance to harder trails too.

I had a really fun time, it wasn’t easy, at least not all of it was but it was challenging and fun. It was also definitely a massive work out. From my feet to my hands, I had a full body work out, carrying my own weight up and down. it was a really different way to get fit. But I love switching up my routine.

We also tried some Yoga-Batics which is a warm up/work out that Shauna and Leah have kind of made up them selves. A Mix of Yoga poses and Gymnastics. As you can see from the photos below this was very fun!

It was actually also my birthday (Match 1st), and the guys sneakily had a gluten free, vegan cake made and delivered and surprised me at lunch time! So cute! It all made for a really fun day, plus a healthy one (bonus!).

I am now going to be trying to find some walls to climb in London….

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