Lazy Oaf are one of my favourite brands, and I’ve been following them for YEARS. Like maybe 6 years at least? They are a London based brand who have grown and grown making the cutest yet coolest mens and womenswear. It’s fun and playful and in a realm of it’s own and it’s genuinely been such a pleasure to get to know the team and also see them thrive over the years.

This spring they have decided to launch their first ever swimwear range, and it doesn’t disappoint!


They lovingly said that Kitty needed a Kitty costume and well…I couldn’t resist! This one of the best swimsuits I’ve ever worn, from the frilled shoulders to the cat face print. The thin straps and the low but not too low front and the low back with cute cat detailing which we totally forgot to shoot – sorry guys. You can see it all here though: Kitty Swimsuit.

My totally awesome friend Cleo Glover took these pictures and this is her cat Mac who just really wanted to model too… and we thought he was pretty fitting for the shoot! Don’t you just love big furry, fluffy cats!? I do! He’s a babe.

I’m really stoked to be ready for summer, now I just need a place and a reason to wear it. I guess there’s always London Fields Lido, in fact I still haven’t been so it’s probably time to explore my own surroundings more! Lets pray for sun and heat in the UK all summer so I can!



Pics by Cleo Glover

Styling by me (Kitty Cowell!)