I’m back with more Gluten Free, Veggie & Vegan places to eat in London…

So I’m a vegetarian but I try to eat mostly vegan food and right now I’m having no dairy, and I’m also gluten free annnnd trying to eat very minimal sugar.

This is the healthiest diet if you can do it right, aka make sure to have a balanced diet with lots of protein, fibre, nutrients, vitamins etc… I do that pretty easily in London these days. You can read about what I cook at home HERE. But this post is all about where I eat out!

First up is Ahi Poke.
If you don’t know what Poke is it is a a Hawaiian meets Japanese sort of sushi bowl. Typically a raw fish salad with rice and veg but they can be vegetarian and vegan too. They are so tasty and healthy, you can have different bases from brown rice, kale and quinoa and loads of toppings. They are supper filling but not heavy so great for lunch. Prices are £7.95-£9.95


The Hoxton Grill, Shoreditch

This restaurant is inside the lovely Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch. A great location to get to and lovely decor inside. They make great posh grub is my best explanation, great breakfast, salads, roasts, burgers etc… They were really accommodating to me and made me a gluten free, veggie burger. I don’t get to eat burgers a lot as they aren’t easy to come by on my diet so it was a lovely treat. The fries were really good also (I eat a lot of fries so my opinion is based on a lot of research.) My veggie Burger was £12 and sides are £4.50


The Breakfast Club

Here we have two epic meals that everyone needs to try: Butternut Bubble Asparagus and Artichoke and Sunblush Tomato Hash. These dishes are delish, gluten free, veggie and can be made vegan. And at £9 and £9.50 they are a good price for a lot of food. The sizes are mega but also they are hella tasty and healthy too.


Palm Vaults – Ferucci, Soho. 

Palm Vaults main location is Hackney but they also now have a pop up inside the Ferrucci Store in Soho which serves soft serve vegan ice cream, rainbow matcha lattes and more….!

Their main store serves all kinda of delicious foods and cakes as-well and both are favourite haunts of mine. Prices are reasonable and the flavours are unforgettable…


Byron Burger (Brunch)

When you are out with non-veggie people and you need a brunch or comfort food option, Byron has your back. They have a number of veggie options throughout the day and at brunch were able to adjust and make up meals easily. They offer Gluten Free buns and were happy to accommodate my diet which was a relief! Prices are reasonable and the atmosphere was great.


Cafe Miami.

Another adorable looking East London joint that I can’t get enough of! They offer gluten free bread and pancakes alongside lots of fancy toppings. Lots of breakfast, brunch and lunch dishes and good drinks. For example cheese and heritage tomato sandwiches; it’s simple meets posh and I like that. Plus the interior is a pastel dream. Prices are £8.50 for pancakes and £4-5.50 for toasted Sandwiches.