Don’t you just love my word play title? I do anyway…haha!

So moving on to what this is about but you may have already guessed it; glasses!

KITE are a London based eyewear company, obsessed with style, craftsmanship and making glasses cool! The bases of the brand is: German lens technology + Italian craftsmanship + London style.

Their bespoke service means you have endless options of styles, colours and materials and you glasses are hand made especially for you.

KITE are here to completely revolutionise the eyewear industry and its doing so in a number of different ways. From flat pricing (all glasses cost £150 regardless of prescription and include lens thinning and all coatings) to remixing (enabling anyone to create a completely unique pair of glasses by mixing the colours of the frames, arms and lenses) and Home Try (enabling customers to try on four pairs of glasses at home before buying online) everything KITE does is redefining the industry standard… which is pretty exciting.

I’ve always had issues with wearing glasses – mainly because they magnify my eyes, even with super thin lenses I still get a bit of magnification. And that makes me feel silly, I know people say they look cool on me but I just don’t feel pretty in glasses. I do like them, here for example I like the way I look but day to day I’m not confident in glasses. Kite are really helping though, with letting the experience be more bespoke I do feel a little bit more confident choosing a pair that are right for me.

Images by Yasmin at Comb App