We had HEAT, it was hot we can not deny it, but now the heavens will not stop opening on us! 

From one extreme to the other!

So how do we transition, it’s not exactly cold, we are still around 17 degrees most days, but it’s also very wet!

Well, how I am doing it is via a very good rain mac and a see-through umbrella. I think the see-through part is key here. Mostly because it doesn’t draw away from the outfit and you can still see my fabulous hair and sunglasses, while I stay dry. It’s a win-win, mark your bets, a see-through umbrella is a key trend this season…!

Co-ordination is key here. If you are going to go bright you want to balance it with other pops of the same highlight. In this case that’s neon yellow/green. Obviously chosen to match my hair. But you do you; maybe go for neon pink pops, it could be pastels, but the bag, shoes, and jacket all co-ordinating is what makes this look work.

And yes I like to add a touch of glam to my casuals looks and this time it’s with my Prada bag.

Jacket – Stutterheim

Sunglasses – Oakley 

Trousers – Uniqlo

Trainers – Puma Cell Alien

Bag – Prada 

Sweatshirt – Calvin Klein

Featuring some gifted items.

Pics by Fordtography.