Kaws has teased that this collaboration might be his last with Uniqlo’s ‘UT’ department, but is this true?

UNIQLO UT has again joined forces with artist KAWS to bring his sculptures to life in a new collection for Summer 2019.

Using his Companion figures as the main feature this time – bringing his figures into fabric.

Being an avid fan of all parties I was excited to see a new collaboration drop, and excited to see Kaw’s Companions featured, but I guess it does make sense that there’s only so far you can go with this series before maybe it became too much. But to stop altogether? I think maybe just taking a slight break would be cool.

There are 12 tees and 4 bags available today. The one’s featured in this editorial are my personal favourites, but what are yours?

Either way, I’m stoked on this collection, what do you guys think?

Shop it here: Uniqlo x Kaws

Images by Julia Lucas