I’ve tried them all and yes there aren’t many that are BOTH Vegan AND Gluten Free…

Eating out:

Purezza – Nice but a bit tough and sickly but not quite cheesy enough. The sauce is nice but more in a creamy rather than cheesy way. It’s hard to put my finger on it but I don’t think the cheese flavour was quite there. However, their Lasagna is THE BEST I’ve ever tasted and their Bechamel sauce was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

By Chloe – Overpriced for what you get especially as it’s £2 extra for the gluten-free version. I like paprika but the flavour is overpowering. Their fries, burgers and salads are really good though.

Vurger – Creamy, cheesy, not too strong in flavour, mild and very tasty, plus garnished really well. The macaroni has a great texture, and you get a lot for your money. This by far the best Mac and Cheese I’ve tried since being Vegan and Gluten Free. I literally DREAM of it when I’m not there for a while, and so do my friends!


Eat at home:

Amy’s Kitchen – This is really good, but you don’t get a lot per portion. Having said that it is tasty, the only thing I would say is the cheese sauce is a bit too American/fake tasting. But it’s still pretty darn good as a side for a meal. A bit high in sugar but not very bad, high in carbs and the saturated fat is fairly low.

Tesco – This is pretty great. the flavour, texture and cheesy-ness are up there. It’s fairly low in bad stuff like salt, fat and saturated fat. You get a decent amount for your money and I would buy it again.

Sainsbury’s – This isn’t very good to be honest. The texture isn’t nice, the sauce is watery and it’s very high in saturated fat.

Plantifull – Like an at-home version of Vurger with the added bonus of peas. It’s so creamy, the pasta has a great texture and you get a good amount per serving. It is a little pricey for a ready meal but it’s worth it. It is also high in protein and carbs but low in saturated fats.


The verdict:

The BEST overall is Vurger with Plantifull coming in second. 

If you know another brand or restaurant I should try please email me at iamkittycowell@gmail.com