The conversation around sneakers should not JUST be about women getting a full size range / unisex sizing.

Something we have been fighting for, for a long time. Specifically (personally and with Juice Gee) loudly since 2012 during our The Unisex Mode days, and many others before our time too. And might I say something we are very happy to have seen grow and continued by the likes of Titi Finlay in the recent Highsnobity article (see article here).
But it’s also about FULL inclusivity which includes but is not limited to – Race, Disability, Culture, Sustainability, Plant-Based Materials, LGBTQIA, Wellbeing, Gender Fluidity etc…

People know what they want, there are LOTS of people (who are not just limited to men) that have extensive knowledge and large/interesting collections of sneakers.

Black culture birthed sneaker culture. Where are the Black people IN the industry, especially womxn? Don’t get me wrong there are some, but not enough that get SEEN. This conversation is big, so let’s start having it – loudly.

Hypebeast culture put JUST Hypebeasts (collectors of hyped and high-end streetwear) in the limelight. Gatekeepers who decided what it meant to be a SNEAKERHEAD based on financial means when many had not been one for long themselves.
It’s all part of the fun and it’s all a money game, I get it! It’s fashion darling, something I’ve been in my whole life and I totally understand trends. But…

What has more longevity AND credibility is knowledge and passion. Don’t get me wrong Hypebeast culture is not something that escapes me or has eluded my collection or personal style but it’s also not something that I wholeheartedly embody. But I think WE (myself and many others) want more than JUST a brand name collaboration now. We care about sustainability, non animal-based materials, accessibility for disabled people, gender fluidity, history, race, culture, values of brands ARE what will make us part with our money.

It’s time for a change. The time is NOW.
These are just my opinions and a shared collective, what do you think?