Todays outfit focusses on dressing for your body type and trying to be girlier.

I’m 5ft5 with long legs and a small torso and so unlike just a tall girl I do have to think about proportions with clothes. When I wear a long jacket it’s best for me to wear slim trousers or leggings or just have my legs out. When I wear a high waist bottom half having a cropped jacket to show off my shape really helps, and this is why I chose todays outfit.

I own a couple of cropped jackets but mainly bomber jackets and they aren’t overly cropped, owning a very cropped jacket has been on my shopping list for some time. I’m a really big fan of trainers and casual looks but it’s nice to mix up casual with smart and tomboy with girly. I’m trying to add more feminine pieces into the mix and show off my shape a little bit as opposed to my usual comfort zone of skinny bottoms and baggy tops.



This is a casual Saturday shopping or day date outfit for strolling around sunny London in while feeling on trend but also comfortable.

Balancing the amount of skin on show to help show off your assets is really important, and we all know the golden rules right?: no boobs and legs out at the same time. Just choose one. For me the balance here is having my legs out and by pairing the high waist skirt with the cropped jacket it elongates my short body. 


I’m trying to wear girlier tops as my usual go to are menswear teeshirts which I tuck into skirts or wear long over leggings. This slip vest is verging on lingerie but in a totally cute and wearable way. The key is don’t go too sheer or lacey or you literally end up looking like you are wearing your underwear!

The cropped denim jacket features text and floral back embroidered detailing, giving the jacket an edgier look. By pairing the outfit with converse trainers I’m keeping it low-key and cool. The final touch is my Gucci handbag which adds a high end edge to this vintage, day look.


Jacket and slip camisole – ROKIT

Skirt – Motel Rocks

Bag – Gucci

Socks – Topshop

Trainers – Converse

Necklace – Engelsrufer