You don’t have to be a squat champion to be confident at the gym.

There are two simple rules I follow.

1 – Dress confident.

So lets start with dressing confidently. Obviously I’m a fashion stylist and blogger so fashion is kind of my thing. When it comes to going to the gym, I like to dress to look good but also to feel good. And feeling good means wearing the right clothes not just nice clothes. So when it comes to gym gear I go for quality not quantity.

Decent leggings and bras are of the UPMOST importance. For me my leggings have to be high waist or I don’t feel comfortable. And my bras need to be comfortable not too tight and usually have some shape rather than just push me flat. I’m not here to show cleavage but I just want to show my curves off as the point of going to the gym is to stay trim and build muscle. If I had a bigger chest maybe I would want something that held me more but personally I just need light support. Either way we all need a GOOD supportive sports bra.


My fave bra’s have so far come from Nike, Reebok, Puma and LIVE!.

My favourite leggings are by Nike, P.E. Nation, Puma and Reebok.

Obviously we also need to talk about trainers! See this is complicated as if you want to have the right trainers, there are different ones for different types of training. I have Nike training shoes which would be best used for weights/HIIT etc.

I also Have Nike running trainers which I do wear to the gym as I like to run on the treadmill a lot. Reebok also make some great training shoes and my recent favourites are their collaboration with ‘The Face.’ I have a whole outfit with trainers that matches from that collection and it just makes life easy to put it all on and go!

The thing is I know all those products are working to support me as I train as they are good quality. I don’t just go for cute colours, crop tops etc… If I have pieces that are cute I will wear them but my main priority is to feel supported aka, like I’m not wearing something where my sweat might be obvious!

2 – Have a phone ready guide so you know what to do.

Okay so I like to get some Pinterest images up ready to inspire me and help me depending on what I want to train that day. I’ve had numerous PT sessions but still sometimes I go into the gym and think damn, how do I do that again?

We are all human, we can’t remember everything like some kind of pro. So having an inspo’ guide really helps me to remember what I can do which each piece of equipment which instantly makes me feel so much more confident!

In my gym (Virgin Active) there’s free wifi, and you can even surf the internet / Youtube etc while on the tread mill and other machines. So I can constantly look up anything I need help with like not knowing how to use a machine.  If you look around you everyone is in their own zone. They aren’t going to watch you look up ‘How to use the XX machine.’ So go ahead and do it!

Here’s one from my Pinterest:


And that’s it really. Two really simple ways to make sure you don’t walk in to the gym and think shit, what am I meant to do now!?

More ideas can be found in my previous gym posts but here’s an extra bonus hint. Take headphones and blast your favourite tunes for some momentum!

Shop some of my favourite gym gear below:

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