Disclaimer: I’m sorry if I make you jealous in this post! But if you, like me, LOVE Hello Kitty then this might make you a tad bit jealous. So far on social media that’s been happening a lot. So hey, I did warn you.

Basically Hello Kitty decided to put on a Sunday pamper and chill event as an alternative girly Valentines event. They hired out an incredible apartment with food catering, nails, hair styling and massages as well as a robe and slippers as you arrived to ensure total cosiness.

Yes sorry this post is a bit delayed but ya girl got busy so here it is now!

Hair was provided by Keash Braids aka the queen of braiding and nails were by Imarni Nails – again the queen of Nails right now to be honest.

We had healthy fresh salads and nibbles and drinks plus sweets from Candy Kittens and just loads of Hello Kitty teddies and toys and cuteness.

I got to hang our with a bunch of awesome girls like Steffani Nerding, Cora Delany, The Baby Face Girls, Portia Ferrari etc… And it was just  super nice relaxing day. See a bunch of pictures below to get a glimpse into the event.