The wonderful Hello Kitty by Sanrio has collaborated with Dr Martens once again.

This new collection also features Kitt’s friends Bad Badtz-Maru, Kerokerokeroppi, My Melody and more…

The collection features the classic 1460 Boots which I have on below.


The collection also has a Platform Jadon boot and the classic 1461 Shoe.

These are in classic leather, which some may state is more sustainable than other non-leather materials.
I do hope to see fun collaborations in non-leather materials in the future, hopefully plant-based and sustainable options, BUT I still love these Boots. They will last me forever and I will love a cherish their design.

As a lifetime collector of Hello Kitty and Sanrio merch’ I am very, very, very happy to own a pair from this collection.

I also have a pair of sandals from the last collection too which aren’t leather.

Being that my name is Kitty, you can probably understand why I love Hello Kitty so much. Are you a fan too?

Shop the collection here.

Features gifted items.