Wellness is very important to me, and it should be for everyone.
Post-pandemic we all need some help to look after our bodies and minds.

Being neurodivergent I struggle with having a quiet mind. I actually never have a quiet mind and I’m easily distracted.

I love meditation but I find it very hard. I usually go to yoga classes where I find it easier to switch off and enjoy savasana.
However, I still find it hard to meditate for longer periods.

I also have long covid, which has been SUCH a long journey to recover from – I’m not fully over it but I’m generally getting much better. Part of that journey has been learning more about my lymphatic system.

I first saw RE PLACE through Instagram where I saw influencers posting about their Body Roller Machines.
These are focussed on post work out recovery and lymphatic drainage.

I then saw their Somapod for meditation and I knew I had to go and try them both out.

I really enjoyed the experience. I would say the body rollers will make you ahe the next day so maybe try 20 minutes first and then go back for a 45-minute session.

I absolutely loved the Somadome meditation pod and wish I had one in my flat!

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*Features a gifted experience.