Boots challenged me to do a CAT make up look for Halloween this year.

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(Please ignore the Maybelline eyeliner in this photo, it was sent to me by accident and I haven’t used it as I don’t personally use non-CF brands.)

I decided if I’m being a cat for Halloween it needs to be a scary/gory cat!

I also wanted to make this look fun and achievable. This is by no means high maintenance as you can see it’s really simple and very DIY.

I wouldn’t usually think about using gems for a Halloween look but as Boots sent me some I thought it could be a fun challenge to incorporate them.

I used both NYX palettes for my eyes/contouring, my brows and the blood.

The black Collection Liquid Eyeliner was used for my lips, nose, whiskers and the white one for my eyes.

I added the gyms for under my eyes almost like I’m crying / bleeding crystals and the final piece to my neck gauge almost like a choker. I felt like this made the gory look a bit more fun.

Either way, you have to have blood/gore on Halloween!

Get more inspiration here:

I hope you like this look guys. Happy Halloween.

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