If you are needing some inspiration to get yourself to a gym; look no further than boxing!

I got into boxing through Hiit classes and never looked back.

Reasons to enjoy boxing:

You get to hit things and pretend they are your ex or crazy boss.

You get super toned arms.

It can be an all body work out too.

By mixing kicks and boxing techniques on a bag you can give your whole body a great work out.

Mix that in with some jumping jacks/floor work or even weights and you don’t really need anything else.

I find boxing fun, I get out all my frustrations and it’s not ‘hard work’ like other cardio is for me for example running. I like running but I’m asthmatic so I’m not very good at it. Don’t get me wrong boxing can be tough but I just personally find it an enjoyable kind of hard!

I tried out the boxing room at the amazing Virgin Active Kensington studio and it’s a dream! All the equipment you might want to box plus weights so you can mix up your work out in one room.

They also have classes, which I would advice you going to before trying boxing on your own. Learning the techniques, stances etc is really key and it’s fun working out in a big class, the memento keeps you going!

Learn more: https://www.virginactive.co.uk/gyms-in/london

Photos by Derek Bremner