Is wearing all designer ever cool, or always too much?

Carrying on from PART 1 here, I wanted to share some more images from this shoot. My conclusion was, that if done right, and by not being too heavy with logos, sometimes lots of high-end brands can work together. BUT it’s all about mixing them up, and adding the odd indie / high street piece in order to make it your ‘own.’

Layers really help add a personal element to a look like this.

And by mixing smart and casual, feminine and masculine pieces – it creates a very personal identity in the way I wear this dress for example.

My inspirations in style come from both men and women, so I try to illustrate that in the way I style outfits.

Find what inspires you and add a touch of it to the way you dress.



Get the look:

My long slevved jacket is by Uniqlo.

My vest jacket is by UK brand Habits.

My socks are by Happy Socks Hysteria (gifted). Shop here. 

Shop my dress here.

Sunglasses by Vercase at Sunglasses Hut. Shop here. 

Affiliate links used. 


Photos by Fortography