JW Anderson x Uniqlo, Supreme, Versace, Givenchy, Fendi, Stussy all in one look?

Kids are always going overboard these days with brand names and logos. I’m not one for only wearing designer or hype gear at all. But I do like some key items and usually spread them out across outfits.

Today’s look, although it’s FULL of brand names, is it overboard? It’s still quite a casual look and for me, the designer jewellery and glasses dress it up- so, in that case, are necessary.

Of course, my Supreme jacket is heavily logo’d and very obvious, and my Givenchy necklace is also quite bold. Besides that, the rest is quite subtle.  The small Stussy logo on my tote bag is also obvious but it’s small and frankly, a black tote bag would be fine, but for me I have to say I do like making some kind of statement with the clothes I’m wearing. It doesn’t have to be a bold logo as such, but a reference to a style or the way you pair items means a lot to me. And sometimes the easiest way is with brand or band references.



I collect sneakers, and the pairs I wear each day represent who I am. When I wear a shoe – it makes the statement that I’m the kind of person who likes that silhouette. The same goes for any logo, shape or style of clothing. I’m not just wearing it to look ‘nice’ aesthetically. I’m wearing it to say this is who I am; this is me! So essentially taking something like this JW Anderson x Uniqlo dress and pairing it with chunky Reebok Insta Pump Fury’s and a Supreme jacket and designer jewellery and sunglasses should tell you who I am. Not just the fact I like Supreme or Versace.

I’m not dressed head to toe in Supreme and Versace. I’m taking elements of different styles and making them my own. And that’s the kind of fashion that inspires me.



I think it’s obvious when a person wears a Supreme outfit with Versace jewellery. To me you are saying; I only care about brand names. Whereas my under jacket is Uniqlo and my vest jacket is by a small London based Streetwear brand called Habbits. You probably haven’t heard of them?

I wonder if you guys agree, or if you think no Kitty you scream logos at me!

My personal opinion is that if you mix in lots of different things to make your own style, logos and brands are irrelevant. They become part of your look, as opposed to you becoming part of them… You wear it, or it wears you!

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