A day out in London means a search for food I can eat (gluten free/ vegetarian).

I’m really lucky in London to be honest, I think it’s one of the best places in the world for Gluten Free and Vegetarian options. Having travelled a bit recently I’ve found it harder in other European places but New York was okay and I think it probably has some great options if I had longer to explore.

I went over to Camden market recently as I had heard word about a Gluten Free Crepe place called Nojo – and it sounded like a dream. I miss pancakes and crepes SO much and they are really easy to make gluten free so it’s only been a number of time until someone figured that out.

I wasn’t prepared for how enormous they would be though. Check out the images below to see what I mean. I had a veggie crepe with a mixture of vegetables, tofu and salad with a sesame sauce (which is handmade and amazing FYI). You can mix up ingredients and make what ever you like including sweet crepes which look insane. I’m ready to go back straight away. Crepes range from £5.50 for sweet ones, and £6.50-7.50 for savoury.

Thanks to INTO app for inviting me down to try it out.

After I had to hit up my favourite place – Cookies and Scream also in Camden Market for a dairy free, gluten free milkshake. This place is heaven with it’s Soy based ice cream milkshakes and gluten free, vegan cakes, cookies and donuts. I’m trying to remember prices but I think Milkshakes are around £5-6, they are that good I just throw my money at them! haha.

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Pics by Derek Bremner.