Happy Pancake Day Everyone!

If you are intolerant to certain things or trying to be healthy it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy pancakes too.

I wanted to share with you my dairy free, gluten free, vegan, TASTY pancake mix.

Today is Pancake day, and it is also the day before Valentines Day… a day that fills me with fear but also find cute… Weather I’m single or in a relationship it has always filled me with anxiety! It’s like Christmas, there’s so much expectation and you don’t want to disappoint anyone you love. But I also love any excuse to be cute, what can you do hey!?

The thing is I’m the kind of person who likes to surprise people with little gifts and gestures of love all the time and at random times. That’s what keeps love fun! My Birthday is March 1st so not long after Valentines day and it’s always seemed like such pressure on Boyfriends to have to deal with both so close together. I don’t care about gifts, for me it’s experiences. And the easiest way I have always shown my love for someone is through FOOD!

I LOVE to cook for people, friends, family, boyfriends etc… I’m really good at taking any intolerance or diet issue and making something really tasty. That’s because my parents have loads of allergies so I’ve always explored alternative methods of cooking since a young age.

I love to make things into cute shapes and display food in a pretty way and doing that for loved ones is just my favourite thing to do.

ALSO REMEMBER TO LOVE YOURSELF. That means feed yourself amazing, natural, healthy but tasty food. We all go into this thought process that we need comfort food when we are down and that must mean junk food. But you can make healthy, tasty ‘junk food’ which not only feeds our emotions but also our body.

Anyway blaaa… make these damn pancakes and thank me later.

Recipe below.


1 Cup GF Glour

1 Cup of Dairy Free Yoghurt (I used Coconut Collaborative)

1 Cup Dairy Free Milk

1 Tsp Baking Powder

Coconut Oil for cooking…

And toppings of your choice like fruit…

Mix all the ingredients together and heat a pancake pan on a low – medium heat.

Cover the pan with coconut oil and make sure it is melted and the pan is nice and hot before adding the mix.

Cook on each side until lightly brown and flip. ( A couple of mins on each side usually).

I topped mine with peanut butter, banana, raw cacao nibs, chia seeds and Agave nectar and it tasted SO good!

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