The other week I had the amazing opportunity to go Gluten Free Food Festival.

When you are gluten free it’s always harder to find options to eat. Especially as a Gluten Free Vegetarian!

So an entire FESTIVAL of food I can eat is just a DREAM. Capitals really make the point don’t they? Can you hear me shouting DREAM! haha.

I previously wrote about the festival in Camden Market back last year and Camden is one of my favourite places as I’m a little greebo (rocker) at heart. But I live in East London so having the festival at Lime House this time was very convenient. Plus the setting along the river is a great addition to the food and although it wasn’t super warm we did have some sun which made it really idilic.

We started with a SERIOUS Hashbrown! And it really was quite serious, so they weren’t lying there. The hash browns come with various fillings and we went for one Bubble and Squeak and one Spinach and Feta. You can also choose various condiments but we decided to stick with simple mayo, and it worked very well. They were 1 for £1.50 and as you can see are a good size. I would highly recommend them as a snack/starter.

Vegan Burgers by Malobi’s.  I really wanted to try one of these but I also wanted to eat everything and I couldn’t manage it all but next time I would love to as they looked great, check out the ingredients below.

I made a lot of new dog friends!! I love to make dog friends…

Cupcakes and SHHHT never fail to impress and I’ve tried their cakes at quite a few festivals/pop ups etc now. Their brownies are probably my favourite cake they make but their cupcakes are incredible too.



The Artisan Gluten Free Bakery is again a favourite haunt of mine. I’m not often in Islington where their Cafe is based but they are also now stocked in Wholefoods stores. Their pastries are amazing and I took home a spinach and feta roll and a pain au chocolate. At around £2.50/£3 each they aren’t cheap but I can qualify they are great!


Now I want you to take a minute and imagine the best tasting pie mixed with the best tasting pasty you have ever tried. A Pierogi is a ‘dumpling’ originating from Poland / Eastern European countries usually boiled or fried. These gluten free versions were made by Polish family business ‘Old Granary Pierogi’ who are usually based in Hereford.  They were quite honestly out of this world. To taste a pastry as moist, crispy and delicious as this that is gluten free is incredible.

These are Rice bun burgers from Sticky Bundits and quite frankly they are fantastic! Mouth wateringly amazing, with the texture combinations of soft yet crunchy rice buns, and the filling of chewy tofu and crunchy vege. These were a total winner.

Gelatology served up some amazing ice cream with brilliant gluten free cones. They had diary free options as well as normal ice cream and both tasted really good and had creamy textures.

This Margarita Pizza by Pizza Federicci didn’t feel like anything was missing from the mix. A thing, classic italian style pizza, soft enough in the middle and crispy enough round the edges. I honestly would eat this again and again!

Basically I ate A LOT of food but to make it better I did share most of it with 1 – 2 people so I’m not that much of a pig! If you get the chance to go take it with both hands as it’s a great day out and a brilliant way to find new restaurants / food companies.

The next one is in Camden on July 1st-2nd.