For my birthday I went for afternoon tea at Bea’s in St Pauls with some of my best friends.

The thing is I can’t usually go for afternoon tea as I’m allergic to wheat annnd vegetarian. Which makes it pretty tricky as it’s all wheat based as a concept!

I had a google and found out that Bea’s do gluten free and vegetarian options which was seriously exciting for me! I know afternoon tea isn’t that groundbreaking but it’s nice and when you can’t have it usually it feels like a real treat.

A pot of tea, 4 sandwiches, 4 cakes plus 1 scone and 1 cupcake cost £26.50 which is really reasonable for London in general; let alone for gluten free.

The venue is on 2 floors and quite narrow but very nicely decorated and laid out. We bought my friends baby who is nearly 2 and they got us a high chair and it was all very easy. the staff were really friendly and were able to add hot water to our tea to get more out of it which was great!

The choice of topping on my sandwiches is the only thing I would change, but it’s pretty hard to cater to a gluten free vegetarian so I can totally understand. There were so many cakes I had to take some home. And my non gluten free / non vegetarian mates also really enjoyed it.

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