I’ve been doing Yoga and Pilates for a few years and love the feeling but I never fully benefit from it physically.

I was doing it once a week or every couple of weeks and every class I took I felt great after, but I knew I wasn’t getting the most out of it.

Does this sound like you?

Every instructor told me I should be going at least 3 times a week to notice a difference. But when you are paying per class and wanting to do other kinds of classes like HIIT too it seemed unachievable.

But these days I’m at a gym (Virgin Active) where I can do all of it all of the time under one membership and I’m finding it way better. 

I’ve been going to the gym every day to every other day for the pst few weeks and doing Yoga or Pilates almost every other day too. I do some weights and cardio in the main gym and then hit Yoga, Pilates or similar classes like Body Balance.

I’ve noticed a massive difference in my performance levels, I’m more toned and I feel more aligned and relaxed after working out. Basically what I’ve realised is I am able to maximise my fitness at a place where I can do everything under one roof. It becomes comfortable rather than having to drag myself there everyday. Once I’m there I’m more likely to do more, rather than less for example work out before a yoga class, maybe go for a run or do some weights first. Rather than just going somewhere that only does classes – I can’t maximise much with that.

Also another bonus is the fact I can swim or even just relax in the spa after working out, and that’s another reason I’m less unwilling to go. It’s a mentally positive thought to end a work out in a jacuzzi or a steam room and that really helps push me to work out more.

I hope to keep up to date with this journey monthly with you guys and hopefully help inspire you to do the same. People always tell me it’s the getting to the gym bit that is hard, but like I say once you are comfortable going to a gym, one that is homely and welcoming it’s really helpful!


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