I’m forever being complimented on my hair colour – and I like it!

[Gifted hair colouring]

It’s so nice when strangers just say nice things to you.

But the best thing about my hair these days is the quality of it thanks to ‘Anti-Bleach.’

That’s right, even though my hair is super bright, I don’t get it bleached to achieve this anymore.

Here’s a description of the process from Sophia, the owner of Not Another Salon, where I get my hair done:

“Instead of using bleach, we have been using the lightest blonde colours to lift the hair, experimenting and testing to discover exactly which bright shade specifically will lay over the top each lightness and then trained all our staff in this technique. This is not always simple and it’s certainly not suitable for all clients or all shades but when it’s right – boy it’s amazing.”

So that’s how it all started, and how it works. 

She then goes on to say:

“New clients were coming to us with such extreme damage that we would refuse to bleach them anymore, and after seeing so many brought to tears, we had to look at other options. Now, two years on we have clients with all sorts of colours like pink, green, purple and yellow but with the added bonus of having healthy hair for the first time in their life.”

So basically if you want white hair or pastels, it won’t work. If your hair is very dark, it’s just not going to lift enough either.

However, if you do need to use bleach that’s also OK as they have a product called Innolux which helps reduce the damage. So don’t be too worried if you can’t have Anti-Bleach.

But if you can then I would highly recommend it! And also get an Innolux treatment too, which helps put the protein back into your hair after it’s been dyed.

Below is a video of one of the first times we used the Anti-Bleach process on my hair. And the images below that, are the most recent colour I’ve gone using the process.

I have FAR fewer breakages in my hair in comparison to when I used to bleach it. It’s so glossy and feels so soft and healthy.

I used to get really embarrassed by the short broken hairs I would get on the top of my head but they have finally started to grow out nicely and it looks classy as well as fun!


The cost is around this:

Anti Bleach: £100

Creative Colour: £35

Innolux Treatment: £30

Short Cut: £40

Total: £205

Obviously, prices will differ due to length and the kind of colour you want to get / what colour your hair already has in it.

But I think it’s super useful to have an idea.

Hit their website to see more: http://www.notanothersalon.com

[Gifted hair process]

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