When you are vegetarian in London you have a good amount of choice. It’s a good place to be with any kind of diet! There is however a big trend for meat restaurants and most of them have a really cool vibe like American or Mexican and they cater for vegetarians too. Usually I would hunt out the vegetarian specific places to try but it’s also good to see what other places have on offer for us!

I was asked to try out the newly opened Porkys in Chelsea this weekend and I thought why not! Chelsea is always a welcomed change for me as I’m usually around my home of East London or Central as it’s easy to get to and from but I love West London and like to have an excuse to visit it whenever I can!

Porkys is a BBQ restaurant which prides itself on true BBQ techniques. There’s a lot of meat options but also salads too and a Bean Burger veggie option. I tried the Bean Burger but instead of in a bun I opted for it on a bed of house salad. My friend Sarah had the Chicken Seaser Salad and we shared Fries and Sweet Potato Fries. Fries are always a must, I love fries! 

Usually the problem with meat orientated restaurants is that the veggie option is an after thought. They are usually very unfulfilling and have little in the way to fill you up. The veggie burger was actually massive, very fresh and the salad came with avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, onions and lettuce. The balance of burger to salad ratio was perfect and the burger wasn’t over cooked, it felt just right. With the side of fries I couldn’t ask for more and was happily full. Although it was Saturday night and I deserved a pudding! We opted to share the Ice Cream Sundae which had layers of cream, ice cream, sauce and brownie pieces. I don’t think I could have eaten one alone but it was the perfect size to share! 

I try not to have too much wheat but a little in the Sundea was okay and that’s why I didn’t have the burger bun. The cocktails were lovely, light and fresh, not too heavy but strong enough and I tried the House Rose wine too which was really nice. There’s a good mix of cocktails on the menu and they are the perfect side to the food. 

All round we had a really great experience with he food and once we had eaten we even played beer pong! The small chain are known for beer pong tornements, adding a fun activity to their restaurants as well as the food! I don’t drink beer because of the wheat so they even gave us cider instead. We had so much fun and nearly beat the boys! I think I would most defiantly go back another time.