Arm machines are one of my favourite areas of the gym.

They are less intimidating than the free weights area which is usefully very busy. I don’t know about anyone else but I get quite anxious in busy gyms! Why do other people have to come to the gym too? It’s very inconvenient, to be honest.

So with the arm machines; you can adjust them to a weight that is good for you, and they are an easy way to tone your arms quickly!

Machines like the High Pull are an easy way to tackle that excess arm weight you want to shift.

Make sure you sit straight upright with your feet flat to the ground and adjust the weight to something manageable. I’m usually on one of the lowest weights, but that’s not what matters, do what you can manage. Pull the handles down towards you, or across your body with the opposite arm. I usually do 8-12 reps, have a break and go again until my arms are too tired. I will start with a heavier weight and then usually go down one when I’m struggling to further push myself to a few more reps.

Quite frankly any exercise where I can sit down sounds good to me!

I like using these machines over using free weights sometimes as they are so simple. Often when I go looking for free weights, I can’t find two matching each other, then I need a space to stand or sit. With the machines, as long as they are free, you don’t need anything else. Nice and simple!

You also don’t have to awkwardly ignore everyone in the mirror next to you like in the free weight area.

Although a mirror is sometimes useful; if I make eye contact with anyone in the gym I immediately want the floor to swallow me up! Like I’m Alice In Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole… If we make eye contact, I’m secretly begging for the ground to take me…  At least there are no mirrors with the machines. The machines are safe.

These particular machines are in Virgin Active gyms, which is where these photos were taken.

They are one of my favourite gym chains to use. Mostly because they have spas so after my exhausting arm session I can go and sit in the sauna and recoup my energy.

Gifted gym use.

Images by Kaye Ford.


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