Do you like to work out? I find it helps my mind and body to be in a better place.

I don’t go to the gym just to work out on equipment THAT much, instead I go for classes a lot, but sometimes just to a gym to train on the equipment. I do prefer to have a training buddy or a gym instructor telling me what to do though and that’s why classes are great.

I’ve been very lucky to try A LOT of London’s top Gyms in the past couple of years and I thought it would be a good idea to not just share them with you but tell you my favourite.

1 Rebel – Classes

There are two of these in the Liverpool Street area and they are immaculate! The classes are ride and HIIT based with a Rumble & Reshape mix. Rumble is a mix of HIIT and Boxing and Reshape is a mix of Treadmill running and HIIT. I really enjoy all the classes and the changing facilities are amazing. There’s loads of space, nice showers, hair dryers, towels etc!

Third Space – Gym and classes

There are a few of these in London. I have been to London Bridge, Canary Wharf and Soho and they are insane! The actual gym spaces are huge, they have swimming pools, dedicated class rooms like Hot Yoga and HIIT. The Canary Wharf gym also has a spa, a bar and a lot more! Literally I could live there…

Another Space – Classes

This is one of my favourite class only gym spaces with Yoga, HIIT and Ride classes. It’s small but big enough at the same time. The changing rooms are spot on with towels, amazingly lit mirrors, straighteners and hair dryers etc. The classes are fun are the food and shakes are great!

Pyscle Shoreditch – Classes

There are other Psycle’s in London too but so far I have only been to Shoreditch. With varied Yoga, Ride, Barre and HIIT classes this space is similar to Another space and just as good! Again one of my favourite Class spaces in London with good shakes, all the post gym changing facilities and extras you might need. Nice people and the Yoga classes are really good.

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Blok – Classes

Blok is another classes only gym but with incredible space and varied classes. They have the best range of classes I have come across with a massive variety. I think variety at the gym is really important to keep it fun and interesting and it’s great to try new things all the time. Their boxing class was really hard, but I’ve also tried some amazing dance based fitness classes too which were really different!

Barry’s Bootcamp – Classes

I find Barries to be very similar to 1Rebel in terms of classes, and I really like it. There are a few dotted all over London and each one has great facilities, classes and trainers that will push you to your limits! It isn’t easy but isn’t that the point?

Go forth and try them all out, I dare ya!


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