Would you ever go back to a film camera now that digital is so quick?

Instax is technically a super fast way to get photos, as they print out instantly. But is this the same as having them on your phone? Are we all too lazy to scan an image now? Even though the quality of film is so unique. Now we can recreate that aesthetic with an ap… so why use film?

I love having physical prints, you can put them in frames, hang them on walls etc. With digital photos; although I love taking and editing them, you then have to go to lengths to get them printed off. Having something instant is gratifying in the same way digital is, just in a physical way.

Instax have an answer for that though; you can print off your digital pics as Instax using their SP3 printer.

All you need is the Instax Share App on your phone and some film in the printer and you can print off all your favourite phone pics!


Square SQ 6

And if you do want to use a film camera the new Square Instax is amazing. There are so many awesome features on the new Instax, making it the most professional yet:

Automatic Exposure Control

Selfie Mode & Selfie Mirror

Macro Mode

Landscape Mode

Double Exposure Mode

Light / Dark Mode

3 Flash Colour Filters

I love playing around, sometimes you don’t get images in focus or the lighting isn’t right but it’s an experiment and mistakes can look cool!

Plus it looks cute on your side table in your room or as a day to day accessory haha!

Buy the camera here. 

Also, I’m going to be giving one away one away on my Instagram this week. Go here to enter!