What am I wearing this festival season?

I’ve been to Slam Dunk, just got back from Download and next up is Outbreak…

So what am I wearing this festival season? Casual but cool vibes, and it all depends on the weather in the uk!

Below here are some snaps from Slam Dunk south. The weather was nice, we really lucked out in comparison to the SD North crew where it tipped it down!

I went with a baggy jeans and little top look, I can’t lie, it was a vibe! I’m very much a casual girl but where I can I like to throw in a little something extra so for this look it was the mesh sparkly top. I found it second hand on Thrift Plus and it really gave my otherwise all black look a little pop of – spice.

If you want to see more festival outfit inspiration, check out this video on my youtube: