Feeling french wearing blue red and white on todays post!
I’ve always been a fan of unisex tee shirts or should I say mens fit tees, that girls choose to buy. Todays tee is from the mens department of Uniqlo and is a collaboration with the late American artist Keith Haring whose work I am a big fan of.

Pairing an oversized tee with a skater skirt is an easy way of girl-ifying it’s silhouette by tucking it in mid waist. Otherwise or ordinarily I would wear baggy tees long over leggings or skinny jeans but it’s nice to mix it up.

On top of the tee I’m wearing an oversized mens Levis jacket which I found in a charity shop in Cardiff for £5! I have since added lots of pin badges which I have collected over time. There’s Patta, Nike, Lazy Oaf and lots more including a new one from WKNDRS.

This dog pin is so cute! 

dog pin


On my feet I am wearing Happy Socks – I love sparkly socks it just adds somethign to every outfit! The boots are Palladium’s new collaboration with Berlin based brand ‘So Popular.’

It’s really cool to see something totally different from Palladium. There is some what of a Yeazy season vibe to this design with the Velcro section and suede upper , but this is a totally unique execution of the trend and a contemporary update for Palladium. I’m really into them! I’m such a sneaker head it’s nice to have a boot that has a sneaker inspiration; stepping me out of my comfort zone but just not too far out of it!


Tee – Uniqlo x Keith Haring

Jacket – Levis Vintage

Skirt – New Look

Socks – Happy Socks

Boots – Palladium x So Popular

Pictures by Cleo Glover

All styling by Kitty Cowell