I’m 100% British but I’ve always been influenced and interested in American culture… And I’ve never been! Growing up watching American movies and TV shows like Friends, America has always had an influence on me. Yep don’t get me wrong there’s a lot of crazy stuff going on all over the world and the current political affairs in the USA are questionable but never the less America has creeped into my wardrobe! 

I’m pale and blonde and some people might say it’s best for me to wear pastels, I beg to differ. When ever I wear bold colours my features stand out! Red has always been a favourite for me, especially when my hair is super blonde. 

Sometimes keeping things totally simple is the best way. A cropped sweat, shorts, and sneakers is literally all you need to make a statement and be cosy. For me cropped sweats and shorts elongate my body and this way I can show it off without wearing anything too tight or revealing.


Jumper – Esprit @ Rokit Vintage

Shorts – Topshop

Trainers – Superstar Glossy Toe by Adidas Originals 

Hope you dig it!