Today’s post is all about faux freckles, and PVC trousers. ISSAA LOOK!

I’ve been eyeing up PVC / Vinyl trousers for months but with my love of how they look was also a fear of how comfortable they might be.

I decided eff it, if SO many people are wearing them this much they must be pretty comfortable right?

So I chose a pair from Wearall and they are! Their lining is like a jersey material so they are fine! I didn’t need to fret for so long… but I just HATE being uncomfortable. The only thing is they do squeak a bit haha! But I’ve bene told to try hair spray and vaseline… So pray for me that does the trick, so I ain’t taking them off anytime soon!

I paired them in this look, with a long mesh dress and air max trainers, a slinky look to carry me from day to evening.

In terms of make up I’m for ever saving images from my fave beauty brands and bloggers and one trend I’ve loved for ages is faux freckles. I know, it’s abit mad but I wanted to give it a go.

I used a Bourjois smokey eye pencil in brown to create the look and it was so fun. I think I would go for more or a classic pencil next time as this one is smudgey but it worked!

I used eye shadows from Obsession to create my eye look and my lips are one of the new shades from Bourjois ‘Velvet Edition’ Matt finish lipsticks. 

My mesh body con dress is from Shop Tobi.

My Wet Look leggings are by Wearall. 

My trainers are sold out from Nike, similar available here.