Sunday Yoga at the picturesque Hoxton Hotel, Shoreditch.

I’m a fan of yoga but I wish I did it everyday…my lifestyle is just a bit all over the place and my schedule changes all the time. But I like to try and keep yoga as some what of a constant in my weekly plans.

Fat Budhaa Yoga is rang by my friend Jessica Sky, you would have seen her in my recent surf blog post here.

Fat Buddha travels around amazing locations in London and outside of the UK, but you now every class is going to be an experience. The general format of Yoga is simple but great, Jess doesn’t over push you but the classes are both challenging and relaxing. The locations are always amazingly well picked for a good atmosphere and most importantly instagramable…

The Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch is simply a great hotel, but also much more than that. The restaurant boasts good food and a great decor which runs throughout the entire place. The ‘Apartment’ in which the yoga class took place is a total tease. You just wish you lived there, trust me. As you walk in the open plan kitchen / dining room area with a black and white tiled floor and rustic furniture is to die for. The lounge where the yoga class happens is a big open space but again the furniture and paintings make it a cosy harbour tucked away in the middle of the city.

I felt refreshed and relaxed after woods but I also didn’t want to leave…