So as streetwear and sneakers have become more mainstream, I’ve found myself thinking am I basic now?

Well hell no, because the reason I dress the way I do or like the brands I do; is because of the history and culture behind them.

And it’s fair to anyone to like what they like; I’m not bitching out every basic girl. Do your thing boo!

But I studied, learned, grew up caring about and feeding my knowledge about design and I like to share that vision through the way I look/dress/present myself in some way.

SO – Chunky trainers – let’s address those for a second. They are cool, they are en-vogue right now as it were… And I’m not mad at all. I was a Buffalo wearing Spice Girl fan as a child.

The Ugly sneaker trend is here, and it meets the chunky trainer trend on par. But what I think we are missing sometimes is some of the silhouettes that were already doing this before the trend hit it’s peak (right now). And one of those is the Reebok Insta Pump Fury. ONE OF MY FAVOURITE SILHOUETTES. It’s so weird, and kind of ugly, but so space age and cool.

According to Steven Smith, the shoe’s designer back in the ’90s, the inspiration came from a ski boot and New Balance’s ‘Super Comp.’ I love reading and learning about the history of design and the idea that this crazy looking, chunky trainer, came from an even chunkier ski boot is not only cool but makes total sense.

I also love floaty, girly items mixed with chunky, masculine items. Juxtaposition is my favourite word and my favourite thing to do aesthetically.

So here I am in a pair of Reebok Insta Pump Fury x Offspring from my collection. Paired with this amazing new dress and necklace by Sacred Hawk Clothing. 

The dress was gifted.

Photos by Fordtography.