I bet you do, or have owned a pair of Dungarees!

Do you see them as a staple item of clothing, or are dungarees a very rare occurrence in your wardrobe?

Maybe you think they are too childish to pull off in your adult years? But there are MANY styles and MANY ways to wear them.

Overalls or Dungarees were invented in the 1890’s by Levis Straus originally as a form of work clothing and then later becoming a fashion item.

Throughout the years many ‘celebs’ have made them cool again. Let’s take a brief look through the history of dungarees…

In the 1940’s as the role of women at home started to change so they could work the land as men went to war. Their style adapted too; meaning women started to wear dungarees.

In the 1960’s and 70’s with the flower power hippy movement, flared dungarees become very fashionable.

In the 80’s  bands like Bananarama made them popular:

In the 1990’s Rachel from Friends led the Dungaree trend:

And in the early 2000’s Eminem and Destiny’s Child made them iconic:

And in 2018 I’m telling you it’s all about dungarees again like it always has been…

You can style them in so many ways. If you aren’t a fan of the vintage/baggy cut or workwear style, you could go for a 1970’s style flare or a more modern slim line cut. Which you could style up with boots/ heels to make them girly and smart.

If you like the baggy, street look like Eminem and Destiny’s Child then wear them baggy like I have and put a crop top underneath. Add trainers and a cross body ‘bum bag’ for a modern twist, perfect for a festival or just hanging out in summer. I like to grunge up my looks a little so I added a choker, and for when it gets cold I added a thin sports jacket to keep a retro vibe ala Destiny’s Child…

Dungarees are fun, and I urge you to find your style with them and enjoy their comfort. Because man these are so comfy – I ate a large vegan burger after shooting this and I didn’t need to pop open any buttons after!

Photos above via Google Images.

Photos below by Abbas


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