Today’s outfit post has a bit of a 90’s vibe, a short puffa jacket and DM’s have got me feeling like a kid!

I’m not sure if I was normal in this but my Dad loves DM’s so my school shoes were Dr Martens. On top of that I was really into puffa jackets as a kid and yeah I haven’t really changed!

My outfit features two different Dr Martens collections; the Rigal Lite boots and the Valentines collection (t-shirt and bag). I’ve paired this with Cheap Monday skinny jeans, an Urban Outfitters puffa jacket and Rascals sport socks.

I’ve kept the colour pallet simple; black red and white. I like the combination of these three colours, for some reason is has a slightly punk rock vibe but it’s all about the balance. I’ve made red a highlight colour and white a focus colour. I feel like if white is a focal point of an outfit it can take an outfit from grunge to high fashion… obviously this is a casual outfit but having that edge keeps it looking current and interesting. Red and black alone can look very grunge but adding white, silver or gold can take the grunge levels up a notch of two.

Adding a girly cross body bag not only adds a feminine touch but also a smarter element to this outfit. Plus cross body bags are just so practical. This is an easy weekend outfit, have you tried anything similar? I would love to see! Tag it in the comments below or @ me on instagram @kittycowell. 

Images by Moeez at Comb