Apparently I now only dress like Netflix characters…

And this week it’s Riverdale…

I say apparently like someone else made this happen…this is entirely my own choice.

So yeah I like Riverdale A LOT. About as much as I like Stranger Things, and I’ve finished both at their current series end and it’s a huge loss to my life!

I’m really into slightly dark, teen dramas – but who isn’t? Especially ones with cool biker gangs like South Side Serpents. Last year I was gifted this awesome jacket by EMP and I wore it around Halloween time. I am missing Riverdale so I figured I would re-shoot myself wearing it but go even further with the theme. So here I am in a diner (similar to Pops Diner in the series).

I’m a fashion stylist, so I spend my life building mood boards for shoots, and I love working to themes. Especially ones based on movies, series, characters etc.

Hence why I have started doing these themed shoots… I hope you guys are into it!

If you know me you will now I love trainers, so all shoots tend to have a strong trainer feature.

I thought my new Converse x Koche really fitted with the vibe of this outfit. A perfect time to shoot them, as I’ve been trying to find the right look to complement their design.

My Happy Socks valentines socks seemed work really well with them too.

And my new Prada shades from Sunglasses Hut just seemed to be the icing on the cake really, don’t you think?!

I feel like here, I’m saying something like: “Don’t speak to me and my Prada shades, ever again…”

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Photos By Fordtography