So in my current series of ‘Inspired by’ fashion shoots, I decided to take on the outfits of the 1995 teen movie sensation; CLUELESS!

In this series, I create my own personal, twist on otherwise ‘Cosplay’ style fancy dress, but for everyday wearability.

I’m always heavily inspired by characters of movies, series, musicians etc, with my everyday personal style. So it seemed fitting to start exploring this idea further with themed shoots. See my previous Riverdale and Stranger Things shoots.

Who is your favourite? Dionne, Cher or Tai (in the order of the below image)?

I was inspired by a pair of K Swiss x Clueless trainers which I received as a gift earlier this year.

Here’s the photo I took inspiration from for the outfits.

And here is my interpretation below:

The K Swiss x Clueless trainers.

As I mentioned, this isn’t character dressing, it’s taking inspiration from their style and creating my version of it. So as it’s me, of course, I had to add trainers to each look!

Photos are by Kaye Ford.