It’s cool to be BOLD right now.

Subtlety in fashion is out the window and being bright is in style.

But how do you achieve this while not looking like you are going to a children’s fancy dress party as a character from the Nikoloean network?

Like anything, it’s about balance. Choose bold colours, coordinate pieces and always have an element of black or white in the look.

For example, the below look is fairly bright and block colour but there are elements of coordination, tonal colours and the black sections tone it down.

My black watch, elements in the top and socks all coordinate with my black boots to bring together the otherwise bright outfit.

The various yellows in the look work with my hair on a tonal basis, meaning the different yellows work together and coordinate on a tonal level. If it was too ‘matchy-matchy’ and all the yellows were the same this wouldn’t work as well.

So 3 tips to making a bright AF look, fashionable:

1 – Use monochromatic pieces to tone down the look. 

2 – Coordinate colours.

3 – Use tonal colours to break down block colours. 

Shop this look at Boohoo. 

Boots by Dr Martens.