Oh wow, she’s wearing a coat she wore last year? Shock horror.

Bloggers don’t do that! How will she sell me her outfit!?

Obviously I re-wear stuff a lot. Although yes I am very lucky working in the fashion industry and I get a lot of clothing given to me. But when it comes to staple pieces… I tend to not ask for new jackets all the time. If I like something I want to re-wear it for years to come.

This is a Schott puffa which is incredibly warm. If I was to buy a new jacket it would not have real down feathers. But as I was given this one it wouldn’t be very sustainable of me to just get rid of it and buy a new one.

I’m forever juggling the cruelty-free/ sustainable ways of trying to shop/live. Just do what you can do where you can. That doesn’t mean find a way to cop out of doing anything. But do what you CAN do, try your best.


Tee – HUF

Coffee Cup – Red Temple Prayer

Bag – Vintage Gucci which I’ve had for over 15 years

Chains – various places like eBay

Trousers – Santa Cruz

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year… it’s just after my favourite which is Summer. It’s still bearable to go outside but a little chilly. The leaves are such beautiful colours and the sun just looks so great against them.

I did my make up using Jeffree Star ‘Mini Breaker’ pallette. It’s of course Vegan and Cruelty-Free and the pigments are just POPPING. They are so pigmented it’s great.

My trainers are the new Puma RS X Level Up

Socks are by HUF

Images by Kaye Ford