We’ve all had a band tee-shirt right? Whether it was a Spice Girls crop top when you were 12 or a Nirvana tee at 18 or even now, almost everyone has had one at some point. I don’t think they really ever go out of fashion, that is to say if they are worn well…
Right now there especially seems to be a huge resurgence of vintage band tee’s with brands like Fear Of God reissuing band shirts but onto their custom fit tops -updating the classic designs with a modern twist…


I was recently asked to pick some bits for myself from well known London vintage store ‘Rokit’ when I came across this amazing Backstreet Boys merch’ tee. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it! 90’s fashion has been a big trend this year and last and considering I grew up in the 90’s the trend has grabbed me with both hands pretty easily. If it’s cool to relive my childhood then I’m gunna do it because who the hell wants to grow up anyway?



I teamed my tee-shirt with simple acid wash leggings and accessorised with a baby blue, faux fur backpack and light grey suede trainers, and a taupe bomber jacket; picking the colours from the tee-shirt print. A stretchy choker finalised the look to keep in theme with the 90’s vibe for a fun, relaxed daytime outfit.


Bag – Romy LDN

Tee-shirt – Rokit Vintage

Leggings – H&M

Trainers – Asics @ Sole Heaven