Could the shoes of my 1998 Nu Metal, Skater Chic era be coming back?!

In this shoot, I’m wearing the new DC Legacy OG, Japan Exclusive trainers.

The original model from the late ’90s was heavily inspired by the Nike Air Max 95, can you tell?

This updated version with a snakeskin looking print and aqua/white colourway hits some key trends from 2019. It’s also chunky, again another key trend right now. But will it be accepted in the same way models like the Fila Disruptor have?

The nostalgia made me want to get on board and style this pair for you all to see. DC shoes were a staple when I was 12-14 years old. Along with Vans and Etnies. I’m still that same kid, and I’ve been 100% dining out on the research of late 90’s / early 2000’s style that’s come around lately.

I still listen to Korn and dye my hair mad colours. But now it’s about how I can mix that style in with a girly, on-trend look to get the perfect balance of tomboy ready to skate, meets manicured barbie doll ready for brunch. Did I give you that vibe here? Because that’s what I was going for…


Although instead of a cocktail brunch, we decided to go more ‘London’ with this shoot and hone into our delicacy, which is of course… chunky chips. I had mushy peas too, which you can see further down in the shoot. You can’t go wrong really. And I like you know, the juxtaposition between fashion and a good old take away.  So editorial darling!

So in regards to fashion, I’m wearing a suit from MONKI (gifted).

Jacket here.

Skirt here. 

My tee is my Cousins Collective (gifted).

Keep scrolling for the rest…


Shoes – DC Legacy OG Japan (gifted.

My necklace is vintage Givenchy (old gifting).

My bag is (dare I say it) Vintage Fendi. I say that because I’ve had it for 15 years… am I vintage now babes?! DAMN!

And the clips… I think they were from ASOS?

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It appears below I either spotted a cute boy or a dessert I wanted after the chips. Both would result in this face to be honest.

You can be the judge of which you think it was… like a comic book with two endings. You choose my destiny! Desert or Love? Frankly, I would really just like both… and usually I would always go on dates that involve dessert so… maybe I’m asking for too much in life?

That god deep quick…

Continue for sunglasses…



THE SUNGLASSES OG MY 2019 DREAMS are also in this shoot…

They are the Oakley ‘Radar’ and they are cool as ice, and yes probably meant for wearing skiing, but also now very much for everyday use. I don’t ski either, I snowboard. And not very well but you know at least I could put these to multi-purpose use if I wanted to.

I’ve always been into tech-based fashion, and these sunnies are great for running in the sun, as well as stunting in the street.

Either way, these look great on and are very much ‘on trend’ right now if you care about that stuff.

Buy them here at Sunglasses Hut (gifted and affiliate link).


Photos by the fabulous Fordtography.