Here’s what I wore to battle the rain on Day 5 of London Fashion Week.

Yes LFW did finish over a week ago, but I’ve been so busy, sorry guys!

So here finally is the last LFW outfit post for this season, I hope you like it and forgive me for the lateness!

Let’s also talk about how the weather makes me feel: SAD. Yeah I hate gloomy weather, rain sucks. BUT this day was sort of spitting, I can handle that just about, and it won’t stop me from taking some nice pics.

So as London and in general the UK can be gloomy I have to have lots of coats and jackets (I said that in a welsh accent, if you know, you know!).

Puffer jackets are key in winter and a style I love. To be honest I thought most people owned them but while at LFW I had a few girls tell me they love how they look on others but just isn’t there thing. They thought they weren’t ‘cool enough’ to wear one! I couldn’t believe it, but I guess they are quite cool… I believe ANYONE can wear one and look good.

So this was all about my new green puffer jacket by Glamorous at Foot Asylum. It’s SO cosy and I love how it is slightly cropped as I am all legs and no body, so short jackets are great for my body type. Also I have dark green eyes, so green clothes are always a good option to bring out my eye colour. My Mum is 100% reading this and saying “I always tell her that!.” She’s now laughing…

Hahaha! Moving on…the puffer formed a great layer to the rest of my look, keeping it cool and casual. I dressed it up with a blazer, shiny PVC leggings and a Fendi handbag. A layered stripey tee and black camisole kept it smart, and then my final touch of Dr Marten Boots kept it cool. It’s all about layers in winter, and fashion week for me is all about mixing styles.

I want to be comfortable but also slightly smart, but still cool. I want to be A LOT of things but I just break those elements down and try to add them in through different parts of the look.

Anywooo shop my look:

My Earrings are by Ania Haie.

Jacket by Footasylum

Leggings by WEARALL. 

Blazer by Missguided, mine is sold out but this one is very similar.

Boots by Dr Martens

Get Vintage Fendi Bags like mine here. 


Pics are by Derek Bremner at THE APT.