Have you heard about Crepe City?

It’s the UK’s largest sneaker festival and has been going for 8 years.

I actually can’t believe it’s been that long… man I’m getting on! haha. It started in 2009 and I moved to London in 2012 so I’ve only been going for the past 5 years but I’ve followed it since before that.

What started in small venues has grown into a huge London event with queues around the block and huge brands as sponsors.

The event happens 2-3 times a year and on top of that the guys keep themselves busy with a magazine, merchandise, collaborations with brands and smaller events like Summer BBQ’s. Which basically brings together the sneaker community and gives people a chance to get the magazines and merchandise before they go online.

Yesterdays event was busy but laid out well so it wasn’t too rammed, which I liked! I’ve been to some where you can not move! It’s great to see so many sneaker heads in one space, geeking out over shoes. It’s just a fun place to go and take in all the madness of the sneaker scene and maybe either find yourself a hype treat or occasionally a bargain!

Jason Markk were there as usual with their amazing sneaker cleaning service where you can literally have your kicks cleaned on your feet.

My camera died so I didn’t get any other pictures but the awesome Meara shot the below.

Check the site for more: https://crepe-city.co.uk