Kitty 01

Have you heard about the London Emirates Cable Car? Basically it’s like a gondola that you usually take at ski resorts but it’s in North Greenwich and you can look over The 02 and Canary Wharf and ride across the river. It’s a pretty cool experience which I’ve also wanted to try and me and Photographer Max Jackson just happened to stumble right by it and decided to jump on!

I don’t explore my own city enough so it’s really cool to have the time to do that with friends, or sometimes alone when you can. We are always so busy we go from A to B and forget to find time to just enjoy our surroundings, and I’m trying to stop that! I need inspiration for my job (a fashion stylist) so it’s important to seek that by means of personal experience and not just by using the internet. It was a cool morning hanging out and exploring East London.


Jacket – Drop Dead Clothing

Tee – The Hundreds

Skirt – Monki

Shoes – Sperry

Sunglasses – Crap Eyewear

Pics by Max Jackson

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