It’s all about core strength, forget about that booty…

I say this because without core strength you don’t have the support to build the rest of your body up to a healthy standard.

And I don’t know about you, but I am working out to be physically fit and healthy. Not just aesthetically pleasing. A bit of both is of-course the optimum though…

I’ve always struggled with tummy fat, not matter what I do I always have a little bit of chub around my gut. I mean I know I am lucky it doesn’t go on other places, although these days thick thighs and butts are in. So actually maybe I’m not lucky…

The thing is though it’s actually probably the worst place to put on fat as it is surrounding all your vital organs. As a kid I developed asthma too and I’ve since realised how core strength can help reduce asthma.

Working on my core strength helps open up my chest and strengthen my muscles in that area and I’ve had a noticeable difference in my breathing since I focussed on this. Cardio definitely helps too but without the core strength I wouldn’t be as strong overall.

So how do we do this?

Sit ups of all kinds, push ups and planks too. Concentrate on slow movements and strong form as this helps build muscle properly.

I like to use the supported pull up machine too as you can gradually build yourself up this way. This is mostly upper body focussed but if you focus on tensing your core at the same time it works for both. It’s really easy if you give yourself a lot of support on the machine (using the weights). And then you can lower the amount of support meaning you are using more body strength to pull yourself up.

Planks are great, focus on form. And try a super man move where you take the opposite arm and leg out and balance during a plank. This really helps with balance as well as working your core strength.

Using weights while doing sit ups is a good idea; try a weighed ball as it’s easy to grip. You can also use these to do standing side lifts moving the ball from side to side while tensing your core.

Classes that help:

Body Balance



All of these classes focus on core balance and strength. Anyone can take them as you can go at your own pace.

These classes are available at Virgin Active Gyms.