Do you dig the whole chunky/ugly trainer trend, but can’t justify the £800 price tags?

Same to be honest… There are some great branded options like Fila, Adidas etc… But if you really want the Balenciaga style, there’s another option too!

Ego have some amazing designer-like sneakers at VERY reasonable prices.

The style I’m wearing below are called the ‘Kim Chunky Trainer.’ I like this style as they don’t OVERLY represent another style but fit in really well with the whole Balenciaga, Raf Simmons, Yeezy vibe.

They have dupes of the Balenciaga Tripple S here, and have just released a Louis Vuitton Archlight dupe here as-well.

It’s hard to keep up with the current high end / streetwear trend if you aren’t a billionaire! Sometimes it’s about getting something similar and showing how well you wear it. It’s not about what you wear, but how ultimately.

I chose to style mine with a streetwear meets punk rock vibe with added dorky-ness in the form of a Hello Kitty tee-shirt and Batman socks…

My Jacket is by Missbhv  but it’s sold out, find a similar one by them here. If that’s a bit out of your budget this is a really cool flame print biker, couldn’t find another half and half jacket but flames are cool too!

My trousers are another Balanciaga dupe, see them here for £1125. Mine are by Primark and were £14. I can’t find those ones online but here are some similar.

Buy my Hello Kitty tee here. 

Shop all the EGO trainers here, prices are all under £35! PLUS I’ve got a DISCOUNT CODE for you all as-well, so you can get them EVER CHEAPER! Use ‘KITTY20’ until the end of June for 20% off.

Make sure to tag me in your purchases if you use the code. I would love to see how you wear them too.