I wish it was easier BUT in order to make YOUR life that bit easier I have compiled some of the best places you CAN find Vegan/Gluten Free bread.

Here goes:

1 – Schar Bread Loafs are usually both Gluten Free and Vegan. Their Vitality Loaf is my favourite as it’s made with quinoa and sourdough which is good for your gut and high in fibre.

2 – Morrisons own brand ( I can’t find it online). But if you go to Morrisons make sure to look carefully as some of their bread has Egg in, however they do at least one Gluten Free loaf which doesn’t.

3 – The Wheat Free Bakery. Take a look and click either Dairy Free or Egg Free and check the ingredients. They don’t have a Vegan section as such but lots of their products are vegan. Their Tiger Bloomer is my favourite. You can order online or find it in some shops. I get it from EARTH in Kentish Town, London. Shop.

4 – BFree, all their products are Vegan and Gluten Free! Shop. 

5 – Promise Gluten Free. Most of their products contain egg, but this lovely White Loaf doesn’t.

6 – Seedfull. This is also Flour and Yeast Free. They taste best toasted but are really nice topped with vegan cheese or hummus or avocado. Very nutrient-rich. Shop.


These are my top 6 right now.

Please hit me up on Instagram to let me know which is your favourite, or if this has been useful to you!

I’ll be sure to do updated blog posts once I try and find new breads!