The Bike Shed in Old Street is one of the coolest spots you will find in East London, that is if you like motorbike culture (I do).

The front is a restaurant / bar, the next area is a barber which leads into a clothing and motorbike accessory store and then display rooms full of awesome motorbikes. Basically it’s hard to not spend a long time here, and easy to kill time!

We had Huevos Rancheros from the breakfast menu minus the Chorizo as me and my friend Cleo don’t eat meat. It’s good to know they would make it like that if you are vegetarian. Honestly the portion was generous and it was made very well. Tasty, filling but not too heavy. The atmosphere is nice, it’s usually busy but not too hectic or loud and the staff are super friendly and helpful. I’ve been a few times and I would go again. Mostly because I want to pretend I’m a super cool biker chic. Although I’m actually just the girl on the back of other peoples bikes, from time to time… I like biker jackets though so I think that fits…